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Mario & Luigi RPG 3

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Mario & Luigi RPG 3 Empty Mario & Luigi RPG 3

Post by MarioMan on Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:20 pm

Included in today's bevy of Nintendo announcements was word that the recently unveiled Mario & Luigi RPG 3 (DS) will arrive in North America next year.

Mario & Luigi RPG 3 10789_48e520f539a46_thumbnail

Mario & Luigi RPG 3 10789_48e520f62af62_thumbnail

The series, which debuted on Game Boy Advance and received a Nintendo DS sequel, follows the humorous exploits of Mario and Luigi as they embark on whimsical quests.

Well, it's been almost six months since this was announced, but has anyone heard of this game?

It's a sequel of the game Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga and Partners in Time. It's fighting system is similar to the one in Partners in time, with a few things added, i'm guessing. Anyways, it is coming this year to the U.S but I don't have the exact date.

I think it's pretty great, in my opinion so I'm going to get it, any of you gonna get it?

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