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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

Post by DragonLX on Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:03 am

Please take the time to fully read and understand this rules. If you have any doubts about any of these, feel free to send a private message to any staff member (preferably administrators) with your question.

1. Do Not Post SPAM
The definition of SPAM is clear on its own: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. So any kind of post that doesn't contribute in any way to the discussion and has nothing to do with it, is prohibited and will be deleted.

2. No Double-Posting
Double posting's prohibited, with the exception of legitimately bumping up an old topic, double-posting (and any more radical variations) are forbidden. If you committed a mistake with your post, or if you forgot something to add, use the 'Edit' button located on the top-right corner of your posts.

3. Do Not Flame or Troll
"Flaming - An online argument that becomes nasty or derisive, where insulting a party to the discussion takes precedence over the objective merits of one side or another".
Basically, getting into a mudslinging argument. Trolling is where a user tries to get other users into flaming. Flaming will get you banned for a period of time. Constant flaming and/or trolling will most likely get you banned.

4. No Excessive Swearing
No words are filtered, so you can post whatever you want to. Don't do it in poor taste though, or you'll just get made fun of.

5. No Explicit Content
This includes any form of pornography, nudity or drugs material. This also includes textually explicit postings. Posting explicit content for no reason or purely for the sake of offending others will result in a permanent ban from the site!

6. Do Not Advertise
Advertisements on the forums are prohibited. This includes any type of marketing or other "adversitements" inside the forums and via private messages. In case this happens, the forum moderators will have the permission of deleting said advertising and give the responsible for it a 24 hours ban. If said action's repeated, the advertiser will be banned from the forums permanently.
The only way for a member to advertise is using the 'main website' option in profiles, keeping your stuff on your signature or advertising (forums only) on the Forum Promotion board of our site.

7. Have Fun
The most essential and most important rule of this forum. :]

Failure to abid any of these rules will give every right to "Nintendo Galaxy" is staff to proceed to disciplinary action (warning or ban) on its own judgment, without previous consent.

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